To users of FlashAir W-04 software update tool for Mac

18 August 2020
KIOXIA Corporation

To: Valued Customers,


We at KIOXIA Corporation are informing you that compatibility of our FlashAirTM W-04 Software Update Tool for Mac with macOS 11 Big Sur, to be released by Apple Inc., has not yet been tested.

Please note: In case you update/ upgrade your operating system to macOS 11 Big Sur, this may cause problems with your FlashAir, compatibility and usage of the FlashAir W-04 Software Update Tool for Mac. If you want to avoid these potential problems, please consider postponing the update/ upgrade (which in turn may cause problems with other software applications or the security of your device).  

We will notify you of compatibility with the new OS version through our official website as soon as it is found out.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Please contact us whenever you have questions or concerns in this notice.