Toshiba SSD A100 Firmware Update Tool


Please be sure to download and read carefully the user manual before downloading the “Firmware update tool”. Firmware update procedure is as follows.


  1. Download the “Firmware update tool” on your PC (only for the first time).
  2. Start Firmware update tool.
  3. The latest Firmware is updated on your PC.
  4. Please check this page periodically for your effective Firmware update.


If you have any questions, please refer to the user manual downloaded earlier.

  A100 Firmware Update Tool
Release Date May 31, 2018
Tool Version 2.2.3237 (executable/bootable)
Firmware Version SBFA10.3 → SBFA10.4
Supported OS Windows 10 Version 1607,
Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Improvement This firmware update aims to prevent the phenomenon in which a host does not recognize SSD. Please be sure to update the Firmware.
Manual User Manual
Download Download (ZIP: 258MB)

Important Notice

This firmware update aims to address critical bugs and/or improve the reliability and performance of your SSD. Please be sure to update the Firmware.